Wednesday, June 29, 2011

bye bye dad:(

On June4,2011 my dad left to go to Indiana to train before he left to go to Iraq. It was a long drive up to ceder city and when we got there it was so crowded with solders and there family's. once we got to our family we all welcomed each other and started crying and hugging and all that but I never cry except for one part. finally the general person came out with some important people and they all said a great big speech. And then you know what comes next, leaving. So dad started getting all his things ready and gave hugs and kisses to every one. then he started walking up the stairs to the plane and then we all yelled 'we love you dad' and then he waved good by to us and that is when I burst into tears. But the really cool part about it is that we got to watch the plane take off and before they took off dad sent us a picture that said it sure is comfy in hear and that is the end so bye bye dad.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Race

When I went to the North Pole I saw elves everywhere. Then a big, big door opened and Santa appeared. Then I saw the sleigh and all the reindeer. I sneaked into a box that was in the sleigh and then I looked out. I saw snow and a chimney. Then i saw Santa and he came back and got back in the sleigh. Then the sleigh took off and I jumped out of the box and scared Santa. He fell off so I grabbed the reins and then I went to every house. Then I went back to get Santa and there he was making a snow sleigh and snow reindeer. Then he put magic on the snow and the reindeer came to life. He jumped in and I decided to have a race. I told him that if I won I would get to be Santa. So I found a pillow and his hat and coat and the race began. I won! Now i could take over the North Pole. I decided that the whole word would get presents, even if they were bad. Then Santa came back and he sent me home. He made everything back to normal. On Christmas day I woke up and all I had was a card that said, "Thank you! You gave me a break from being Santa!"

The End

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Me and my Cousins

we were at St. George and got a picture with my girl cousins. You can kindof see Megan in the corner.

This is Sydney my cousin and I wish we were sisters, because we have so much fun together. And I wish she didn't live so far away, so I could play with her more.