Wednesday, June 29, 2011

bye bye dad:(

On June4,2011 my dad left to go to Indiana to train before he left to go to Iraq. It was a long drive up to ceder city and when we got there it was so crowded with solders and there family's. once we got to our family we all welcomed each other and started crying and hugging and all that but I never cry except for one part. finally the general person came out with some important people and they all said a great big speech. And then you know what comes next, leaving. So dad started getting all his things ready and gave hugs and kisses to every one. then he started walking up the stairs to the plane and then we all yelled 'we love you dad' and then he waved good by to us and that is when I burst into tears. But the really cool part about it is that we got to watch the plane take off and before they took off dad sent us a picture that said it sure is comfy in hear and that is the end so bye bye dad.

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